Three Piece Set

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Last Thursday, a friend of mine, Elana, randomly asked me if I could bring my camera to work the next day. I said sure and then she ran off. Saying it out of the blue like that threw me off a little. Later that day she sent me a message realizing she had forgot to explain the context. She told me she’d be wearing matching outfits with two other friends, Lisa and Courtney, and wanted to take pictures together – a photoshoot of sorts.

I’ll be honest, a certain bit of anxiety crept over me because I hadn’t had much practice with my Nikon yet. Also, the closest thing to a “photoshoot” I had done up to that point was take candid pictures of Jennifer, haha. Anyway, sure enough the next day, they all showed up with matching grey sleeveless shirts with the word, ‘PIECE’ written across the chest, black bottoms, and black sandals. Not sure where they picked up the shirts, but the idea was they wanted to capture a few memories before they all split up at the end of the week. By “split up” I mean, Lisa and Courtney would be going back to their respective countries of America and South Africa. They were here just for the summer, and all three had bonded quickly during the one-month period.

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Three Pieces-17.jpgThese three are an interesting mix of people. They are at different levels in terms of their experiences in regards to Korea.

  • Lisa is the seasoned one, having worked in and been back and forth several times to Korea. She even has a good command of the language.
  • Elana has been here almost a year – well past the naive tourist point, adjusted enough to carry on about but still learns something new everyday.
  • This is the first time Courtney’s been to Korea, so the whole experience was probably something akin to getting a smartphone for the first time – overwhelming yet exciting.

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I really didn’t do much in terms of directing them. Actually the whole thing kind of moved along organically. We just walked outside and I was like, stand there. Okay, let’s move to somewhere else (walk a few steps). Okay, here. *snap snap*. Ok, walk towards me. *click click*. Basically, I just took pictures as they talked.

For me personally, it was a great experience to learn about my camera more. I tested out different settings – trying to get a better understanding of how metering, f-stops, and ISO work together.

It was casual and natural. No stress. Good opportunity to expand my skills. I wouldn’t mind doing this sort of thing again.
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