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Hongdae Ramen & Coffee

Sometime around mid July, a few friends and I decided to go check out some coffee shops in Hongdae. Two of my buddies, Kyle and Michael, are both into the art of coffee. Kyle had found this one specialty shop in Hongdae that was known for its excellent bean quality. We had all been meaning to check out this place, but due to conflicting schedules, that trip kept getting delayed. We all happened to be free one lazy Saturday, so we decided to finally check it out. We invited our friend Jessie to come along with us because, well, Jessie is awesome. Her husband, Ryan, would have joined us too, but he was feeling a bit under the weather. So the four of us set off to the faraway hipster land of Hongdae.

Since our destination was Hongdae, we of course had to grab a bowl of the best Japanese ramen in Seoul at Hakada Bunko. Tons of other blogs have written about it, so I’ll keep commentary on that short. Just know, there is no other Japanese ramen than tastes better than their In Ramen. Go check them out. Do it.

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