Sokcho Beach

Sokcho BeachHello Again

Meant to finish this yesterday and post it up but suddenly had to pull a late-nighter at work. A day later than promised, my apologies, but thanks for coming by! Before I go into my story for Sokcho Beach, I’ll start off with a brief comment about my absence: an unofficial return from an unofficially announced hiatus. Actually, I don’t think there was much of an announcement at all. Seems like it’s been way too long since the last time I posted anything. To make it short, it’s been busy for the past few months with a new job and living arrangement. I might make a separate short post about it on my Google+ or something. Anyway, I feel like I’ve more or less settled into a routine which finally allows me the flexibility to edit photos properly. But more importantly, return to blogging. I’ll start from where I left off from my previous post.

Express Bus Terminal

Half the squad left the CULLA Guesthouse first because their bus was leaving earlier than ours. We took our time to get ready and headed out about an hour later. We rode our bikes up and down the hills of Apgujeong and headed west towards Express Bus Terminal. As I had mentioned in my previous post, so glad we decided to come down the night before and stay at a place close to the terminal. Our bus tickets were reserved online via several days in advance. This is a necessity because transportation tickets always get sold out for the Chuseok holiday. At our bus platform, we had to ready ourselves to load our bikes onto the bus’s undercarriage compartment quickly – these buses move in and out of the platform in about a 15 minute timeframe.

In case you were wondering, intercity buses do allow you to bring your bicycles along. They request you remove the front wheel before you load it into the luggage compartment underneath the bus. This allows you to turn the handlebars parallel to the bike frame. Otherwise, there’s a good chance your handle bars will get stuck on the grippy rubber mat laid across the floor of the storage area, impeding an already rushed loading situation. If you were also planning on making this trip, select Dongbu Terminal as your destination as there is no ‘Sokcho Beach’ arrival option.

Our bus came and we quickly threw our disassembled bikes under the bus. We sat in the back seats which gave us plenty of room to stretch out our legs. The ride all the way to the east coast was going to take a few hours, especially since the outbound holiday traffic was super backed up. Along the way I took a few photos through the window of the misty fog rolling through the mountains. If it had been a little more clear, I think Seoraksan would have been visible.

Sokcho BeachSokcho Beach

After what seemed like an eternity, we finally arrived at the Dongbu Bus Terminal in Sokcho. Some of us got off at this stop. Mike and Stephen had arrived not too long before we did. Seemed like a few other foreigners had the same idea as us – there were small clusters of them on bikes with backpacks and decked out panniers. One of the bikes ran into a small malfunction upon departure, the chain had somehow separated from the gears. I surmise it probably happened when we unloaded the bikes. After a quick readjustment, we headed towards Sokcho Beach.

Sokcho BeachAlthough we had finally arrived at our first destination, exploring was far from anyone’s mind. Satisfying hunger came first. Unfortunately, the food options around Sokcho Beach were a bit lacking, both in number of locations and cuisine diversity (they all served seafood). After grumbling about the limited selection of restaurants, we compromised for one of the spots nearby. Some initial miscommunication with the order taker aside, we finally received our hard sought after sustenance and silently scarfed it down like starved stowaways. The beach seemed too nice to depart from so soon. We weren’t in a hurry and there wasn’t a set schedule, so we decided to stick around and explore, which in my context meant taking tons of pictures. But first, we needed our coffee fix. During our earlier hunt for food, we can come across this quaint coffee shop down the road called Cafe Leto (카페레토) so we decided to head back there. You can find it here.

Sokcho BeachThe coffee shop had a classic woody interior with lots of vintage knick-knacks decorating the place. Opposite the store front was a fantastic panorama of the ocean. We relaxed and chit-chatted while I immersed myself in paparazzi/wanna-be photo-journalist mode.

Sokcho Beach
Sokcho Beach
Sokcho Beach
Sokcho Beach

Sokcho BeachAfter coffee time, we headed back to entrance of the beach front pictured near the beginning of this post. We decided to split up to explore the area. Jennifer and I headed to the pier nearby to check out the different statues and people-watch. We regrouped, rode dolphins, gorged on chocolate, and then began our journey down the east coast of Korea.

Sokcho Beach
Sokcho Beach
Sokcho Beach

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