First post of 2016. New year and new horizon(s). Speaking of which, this is just a short post featuring a few pics of the East Sea’s horizons, where the deep colors of the sea meet the open sky. This is a supplemental post to the previous post. I snapped this at this one port-ish area – our first break after departing from Sokcho beach. Happy New Year everyone!

HorizonA phone ended up being swallowed up by the sea. Monkeyed around. And decided how far we’d go before camping for the night.


The location for the above photo can be found via Google Maps or Naver Maps. I’ll end with a haiku that I came across here that coincidentally seems to sum up this entry quite succinctly:

The Horizon

I stand here alone
Across from the horizon
Ocean waves splashing
Seagulls crying out
The wind pushing against me
I fall in sinking

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