CULLA Guesthouse • An Airbnb Experience

CULLABack in September, a friend of mine, Stephen, invited me to join him on biking trip during the Chuseok holiday. We assembled a small team for said trip. I’ll go more into the details of the biking portion in a later post. To make the most use out of our time during Chuseok break, we all decided to get bus tickets that left early Saturday morning. Those buses would be leaving from Express Bus Terminal. Upon further consideration, I realized that leaving from Suyu with bags and a bike along with a few other members would make it an exhaustive ordeal to reach the bus terminal in time – the major issue being waking up at the crack of dawn. Waking up early and going through all that strenuous traversing didn’t sit with me too well. I came to the conclusion, it’d be much more efficient to take everything down after work and spend Friday night somewhere south of the Han River. That way, we could all get up at a reasonable hour and not kill ourselves making it to the bus terminal in time. I had always wanted to try using Airbnb and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. This led me to Culla Guesthouse.

I was looking for somewhere both reasonably affordable, within the vicinity of Express Bus Terminal, and could house our whole group. I came across Culla Guesthouse, run by Hero Tak. I messaged back and forth with him using the Airbnb in-app chat. When it came time to pay though, the app was being glitchy so I had to process the actual payment through the Airbnb website. I didn’t necessarily know how an Airbnb ‘check-in’ worked, so I decided to drop by Culla a little bit early. Hero was busy and unavailable at the location, but he was kind enough to give me clear instructions on how to find Culla and how to get inside. Upon arrival, I was greeted with a considerate note posted on my room saying, “John’s room” and a super cute bunny!

CULLAAfter playing with the rabbit for a bit, I confirmed all was well with the place and headed back up to Suyu. Later that evening, we rode our bikes down the bike trails from Suyu, crossing the Han River and riding up and down the steep hills of Gangnam before finally arriving at Culla. Hero was there this time. He’s quite the talented guy – he plays the guitar, is an expert in coffee, and brews his own craft beer. When we arrived, he was in the middle of making a new brew.

Hero TakWe were all pretty tired, so after some quick introductions and a brief discussion about the next day’s itinerary, we all passed out. The next morning, Hero had prepared us some awesome breakfast. Culla is located on the top floor of a 5-story building. The large windows and the morning sun pouring in seemed like a great opportunity to snap some pics.


CULLAI later found out the bunny’s name was Danggeun which means “carrot” in Korean. All in all, CULLA was spacious and nice. Perfect for our needs. Glad my first Airbnb experience turned out well. This story is continued in my post here.

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