About Me

About Me Profile - Portrait at Dongnimmun. Taken by Jennifer Hyeshin Park

Move to South Korea

I used to live in beautiful North Carolina, but after college, felt the need to get out and explore more of the world. Briefly stayed with my folks out in NorCal before making the big move to South Korea. As you might hear from a lot of expats working in English education, I was originally going to stay for a year or so and then return home. Well, that “so” has turned to what is now going on my 6th year here. I have to be honest, it was rough at first. The cultural difference and poor language skills coupled with that fresh out of college/conquer the world arrogance made life difficult to the point that I held great malice toward my mother country. But after getting a thorough handle on both, Seoul and the rest of Korea becomes more and more amazing with each passing year.

Birth of a Blog
So that’s how I came to Korea. But enough about me, why start a blog now after so many years? Well, my new friend, there’s this thing called Instagram. You may be vaguely familiar with it. I had always had an account but I didn’t really know what to do with it. I also had this thing with taking pictures but I was never really good at that. Then I bought an iPhone 5s and boom – mind blown by the quality of camera. I dusted off my old Instagram account and decided to upload these high quality photos. After uploading a few posts, I tried two things: 1) I explored some other IGers out there, curious as to what they were posting. 2) I discovered the power of hashtags. These two combined opened a whole new world and I got hooked, bigtime. Inspired by the superb photos of many talented IGers plus the encouragement and support from the Instagram community, I strived to take better photos and improve in composition and editing. After several months, I felt the next step was to create a presence online – to engage with everyone more. This led to the creation of the blog you see here today.

Meaning Behind Nimbus Line
Coming up with the name was nothing short of frustration. If you are coming here from my Instagram, I go by thinkj2, because I had this tendency to think too much back in the day. My mind would wander off, my head would be in the clouds. I also have this thing for video games, in particular, the legendary Final Fantasy VII. The main character is named Cloud Strife, and he was the most badass character at the time (way before you, Master Chief). I was going over some idioms one day and came across this one:

Every cloud has a silver lining

That means that difficult times will lead to better days. There’s always a shining sun behind all those gloomy overcast days, so don’t lose hope. This hidden luster of the sun behind the cloud gives its silhouette a silver glow. This really struck a chord with me because that’s one of the things I’ve learned while living here. I used to wallow in misery and be this hot ass mess until I realized, it’s not that big of a deal, and once you’re at your lowest, things can only get better.

Using any combination of ‘silver’ and ‘lining’ would conjure up Bradley & Jennifer, so I had to go with something else. ‘Cloud’ had this connotation of the online storage space that Apple coined, so I couldn’t use that either. Then reaching into my nerd roots again, I recalled another awesome classic called Super Mario RPG, with a character not many Nintendo fans are aware of: Prince Mallow of Nimbus Land. There are different classifications of clouds, the largest is named Cumulonimbus. I also referenced another well known cloud, the famous one Goku rides on, the Flying Nimbus. Nimbus is latin for “dark cloud.” Then, I shortened the word lining to just ‘line.’ The word line is associated with the news and communication, like dateline or even the Naver chat app called Line (I prefer Kakao). Since a blog is like the news and for me, my way of communicating with you, line felt quite appropriate. With the help of some Melk Stardust and lots of ice Americanos, Nimbus Line was born.

5 Random Trivia About Me

  • I love movies, in particular, action blockbusters, spy films, fight choreography flicks, and all sorts of sci-fi. I’ve pretty much seen every movie that falls under those categories.
  • If you didn’t pick up on it earlier, I love anime as well. I read Naruto from chapter 1 all the way to the end. Currently enjoying Attack on Titan and Toriko. No, I don’t watch One Piece.
  • I shoot with an iPhone! I just got a Nikon D3300 with a 35mm DX lens. Total noob. I’ll figure it out eventually.
  • Recently developed a passion for biking. Ever since I bought a bike, I skip on bus and subways for distances within an hour. Save money. Arrive faster. Get exercise. It’s a hat trick.
  • Love travel, obviously. So many countries I want to see. Such a tiny wallet I have. Irony.